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TapesProfessional Powerlock II Tape Rule 1” Wide Blade
Powerlock rule goes way out with 25-foot long blade -- provides longer faster measurements.  Remains rigid up to seven feet for hard to reach measurements.  Life Guard yellow blade has large, easy-to-read numerals and stud marking every 16 inches.  Blade is protected with clear tough film of Mylar to reduce friction and provide longer blade life.  Lightweight comfortable case is durable with easy to operate thumblock that holds blade firmly in place.  Belt clip fastened on back of case.  Comes with free utility knife!

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Measuring Wheel10,000 Foot Measuring Wheel
Heavy duty polycast wheel with clean 3 spoke design, a curved telescoping handle adjusts to your comfort level.  Ideal for outside use, wheel measures as fast as you walk.  Unit adds in forward motion and subtracts in backward motion.  Push button reset back to zero.
Order# KESRR318  $66.99

Mason’s Modular Spacing RuleRuler
Designed for measuring work, all sections have square ends and every joint opens in an even number.  Inside is marked with 6 scales in a 16” module.  Outside is graduated on both edges to 1/16.  Scales include mortar space and spacing for 6” and 12” blocks.
Order# LUF646  $13.99

Plumber’s Folding RuleRuler
When working with 45 degree elbows, this rule eliminates figuring and chance of error.  It is graduated on one side, in black, consecutive inches to 1/16, both edges.  Other side in red, 45 degree scale inches to 1/16, upper edge only.  Turning rule from black to red gives, at a direct reading, the corresponding 45 degree elbow measurement.
Order# LUF626  $15.99

Fast Retrieve Chalk ReelChalk Box
A 100’ self-chalking line reel with 3-1/2 to 1 high-speed retrieval feature.
Order# IRW64310  $6.29


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$6.49 dz

Lumber CrayonsLumber Crayon
Dixon lumber crayons are the world’s standard.  Highest quality pigments and clays are extruded under high pressure to form a crayon that will last up to 10 times longer than molded, wax or chalk crayon.  Will work on wet or dry wood, metal, concrete and most other surfaces.  Available in three colors and sold by the dozen.