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BucketeerHand Tools
To organize and protect your hand tools.  Made of rugged blue polyester, fits any 5 gallon bucket.  31 total pockets; 23 outside pockets and 8 inside pockets.
Order# PRT21001  $13.99

Dust Pan“Super Scooper” Dust Pan
A sturdy, all aluminum, feather - light weight dust pan.  Weighs 1-1/2 lbs.  Lies absolutely flat for hands-off positioning.  Perfect for cleanups with broom or rake.  Has a 9” looping handle on a 16”Wx10”D trap.
Order# DUSDP  $11.99

Drill BitsBlock O Bits
Perfect for pocket or tool box, this 2-piece rubber block is a compact way to store inset bits.  Block conatins 32 - #2 Phillips reduced tips and a magnetic bit holder.  Makes a great gift idea.
Order# EAZ87900  $13.99

Hand Tools”Helping Hand” II Work Support
A TRADESMAN work support designed as two stands in one.  8 independent ball bearings provide omni-directional movement, as well as 16” steel roller for smaller diameter pieces.  A large locking knob on a steel column for quick adjustments from 28” to 48” in height.  A one piece cast iron base provides stability when working with table saws, mitre saws, radial saws, planes, jointers and many other power tools.
Order# PTS9970  $54.99

Hand ToolsMagnetic Floor Sweep
Super powered magnetic sweeper snaps up sharp iron objects from important traffic areas.  It reduces the possibility of costly flat tires or personal injury and decrease the time needed to clean up scattered ferrous metal materials.  Use it to clear walkways, factory aisles, loading docks, parking lots job sites and work shops.  The new sweeper with release can be easily cleared of collected debris by simply pulling back on the release handle.ling
Order# MMIM24R  $149.99